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10 Reasons WHY & HOW you can Support Small Businesses

Jessica Robinson

😘 🙌 👏10 Reasons why & how you can support small businesses👐 🙌 😘

The dream is real, its the hustle thats sold separately! If you are a small business owner you’ll get me on this one. If you’re not, then have a read of todays blog, it’s only a short one today! This week I’ve been busy trying to organise lots of stuff, which hopefully will all come together to give me a really successful Christmas. Christmas really can be the pinnacle of sales for a small business, this is the time when the orders/sales roll in, the money is made & there is honey in the pot to budget for the next few months. So, please take heed of these points and give a small business a boost, its bloody good karma too. :) 

  1. Buy some stuff off them so they can make some money! (that's the obvious one!!)
  2. If you can’t buy off them, share/like/love/comment/interact on their posts on social media. This helps boost their visibility. Instagram is now owned by Face Book and their posts will only be shown to about 10% of their actual followers. This is FB’s way of getting more money out of small businesses to encourage them to PAY to boost their posts. Help them do it for free
  3. If they have a shop front and aren’t just an online biz, these guys are often the main characters of the high street, they will make, hand pick and select their stock and put so much love into what they do. 
  4. They are (mostly) run by actual people, not boards, so you get a whole different level of care and attention to detail. Their products or services are a reflection of them.
  5. They bring originality to the table! How many small, funky, independent brands have you seen ripped off by bigger companies?! 
  6. They are the doers who bring about innovation! 
  7. They support each other: community over competition
  8. You get interaction a personal level with the person owns & runs the business. This isn’t the case when shopping from bigger companies. 
  9. Each sale however small, is appreciated & makes a difference to supporting a dream and the hours of hard work that goes into a small business (thanks for that point Lucie!) :) 
  10. They often have houses/children to support. 

So, there you have it! And by the time you’ve read this blog I will have sent out the BIRTHDAY EMAIL to everyone on the list with a discount code for 15% off ANYTHING on my website - the code is live until Sunday 4th November ’18 but can be used as many times as you like, also please pass it onto any friends & fam you think would love my little business! If you’ve missed the email, please drop me a message and I will send it over! 

Happy Small Shopping! 

Jess :) x

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