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10 Tips on How to Start a Business

Jessica Robinson

😎 😍 10 Tips on How to Start a Business 😎 😍

Have you got the hustle inside you to bring in your own salary, the motivation to keep going and the determination to keep putting one foot in front of the other when times get tough? 

On the eve of my 5th business birthday I have been looking back over the past 5 years to how I got this far with my business (almost half of start up businesses don’t make it past their 3rd year) and putting the metaphorical pen to paper to come up with some inspiring blogs for you guys to read. The last 5 years really has gone by in a flash, you can read about the History of Squiffy & How it became to be in a previous post, but for todays blog I am going to dig a little deeper into what kind of crazy individual it takes to start and run their own business. So, how do you actually get started....?


  1. Its just a dream until you get it written down: you need to have a vision to be able to turn your dreams into goals. Get clear on where you are now and where you want to be in, say, 5 years time & how you are going to get there. Be stubborn with your goals, but flexible in your methods: the path will quite often change from when you first set up a business, and thats ok, you don’t have to stick to the plan to reach your goals. 
  2. Do the figures & work out the profits. With no profits your business is just a hobby, which brings me onto my next point….
  3. Don’t know how to pull together a profit & loss account or work out profit margins? Find yourself an online course, Udemy or SkillShare are websites you can buy courses to learn things like this. The landscape has never been more inviting to learn more: the power of the internet brings a world of information to your finger tips. There are no excuses, but….
  4. Know your weaknesses: mine is book keeping. So I have a lovely lass called Sophie do it for me! :) The time I save not doing this job, and also doing it wrong, I can put my efforts into marketing and selling my products. 
  5. Get yourself a tribe. It can be a lonely place running your own biz, so reach out to others in the same boat. They understand what it takes to start, run and maintain a business. Instagram is a great way to connect to other like-minded small business owners. 
  6. Don’t waste your time trying to market to everyone. Define your audience and your ideal customer and find where they hang out: Instagram, LinkedIn, or even your local area. Do some research on them and target them specifically.
  7. Enjoy the process of running a businesses and doing it for yourself, because if you are just aiming at an end goal and think you’ll find happiness there, you’re wrong. 
  8. Theres always going to be someone who thinks your idea is rubbish, or you’re not going to make any money or just be generally negative towards you, and thats ok. Just limit your time with these people, they are morale vacuums who can’t see your vision, and are probably not actually running their own businesses anyway. There is enough success to go around and and most important thing is you believe in yourself.....also.....
  9. Get yourself a mentor or business coach. Even if just for a few months. The ideas these guys bring to the table can be invaluable and this is the type of positive support you need, especially if you start to wobble.
  10. Tips to stay motivated: Don’t overwork yourself and run yourself into teh ground. Work out (it releases happy stuff!) & find and listen to motivational podcasts such as Tony Robbins, Mel Robbins or Gary Vee. Or do a double whammy and listen to them whilst working out! *BOOM!* 

Just a few tips, its not the whole secret sauce to running a biz, there is no secret, you just gotta start. A year from now you will wish you started something today! Are you thinking about starting up a business? Whats holding you back? Let me knwo in the comments below!!

Jess :) x

🎉🎉🎉 I've been inspired to write a series of blogs on the run up to my business birthday: on Thursday Squiffy turns a creditable 5 YEARS OLD!! On Thursday I will be sending out an email with a discount code to all the people on my mailing list, do you want to be one of those? If so you can sign up here. Promise no spammy emails, just beautiful things and some Northern humour.🎉🎉🎉 

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