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Father's Day in full swing!

Jessica Robinson

SO its all a bit go go go at the mo!

I am trying to keep all the relevant plates spinning in the run up to the next biggest gifting occasion since Christmas, yep, FATHERS DAY! As i started out selling on other platforms before my own, I have been dispatching orders from the Squiffy website, my Etsy store and also my notonthehighstreet shop. I am basically hated in the post office some days. :/ 

Another little thing, one of my products is on a NATIONAL TV ADVERT! You can watch this bad boy here and guess which one it is!

Next week should be fab and busy then its off to a local Summer Fair with my heat press to personalise 'on the road'. The following week I go to Laaandan Taaaan for a funky meet-up called Make, Do  & Meet with notonthehighstreet, then when I get back I get to pick up my new puppy Luna! Work will then press on for my other website, Squiffy Wear, which will focus on items such as Leavers Hoodies, Ski Sweaters and Team Wear. I haven't even started branding for this yet, which all needs to be done and dusted for the end of august ready to circulate literature to schools, colleges and universities. 

Thought I'd fill you all in! Best go pack some more orders now! 

Jess :)

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