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😬 How do you get out of a content rut?! 😬

Jessica Robinson

Are you a business owner? Shall we talk content? Like what to post on social media? Anyone got content fatigue!? 

Isn’t it such hard work to know what kind of content to be churning out in order to drive more traffic to your website. If, like me, you have no shop front window to catch potential customers' attention, you will be pouring yourself into the digital world. Instagram, blogging, key words, google adwords and all that black art that is Facebook adverts and “this post is getting good engagement, why don’t you boost it for another £9834759824765894 in order to get another 3 people to see it then scroll right past it?’ *face palm* I get a bit frustrated. 

The goal posts are constantly moving on Instagram & FaceBook with regards to the algorithm, and for me, I find it so bloody hard to stay motivated to post creative photos/videos then spend another half hour actually thinking of a caption (can you tell writing does not come easily to me)!! I deffo need to brush up on planning my content, which is why I am spending a bit of time writing a blog about how to get over the 'content hump’.

Over the past few years I have been to talks, workshops, done online courses, seen a business coach, talked to other small business owners and accumulated some tools in my kit *ooo er Mrs* Here is something I've talked to a few small business owners recently about: actually generating content! But how do you even do that......>>>>

Get a big piece of paper, write your business name in the middle, then ALL AROUND it brainstorm all the words you associate with your business! For example, mine includes: T-shirts, Ribble Valley, Girl Boss, Mum Running a Business, Working House Wife, Eco Friendly products, The Story of Why I Started, How my Products are Produced, etc etc…. then BINGO…..from each one of these areas, you have a blog topic you can write a piece of content from. 

Now I’ve got back into the habit of writing a weekly blog, (which can honestly be like pulling teeth if you can't think of anything to write), I will use these topics I've brainstormed as inspo to then expand to post onto my Instagram grid, Instagram stories, IGTV and then also I will have another jigsaw piece for my weekly Squiffy Mail (which I am LOVING sending out every Friday!).  I am trying to understand Pinterest more too, so if anyone has any pointers on that then please send them my way!! Don't even get me started on YouTube (I managed to set up an account then *tumbleweed*).

Right, go fourth and generate some content you biz people! I hope I’ve inspired a few blog posts with this! If you would like me to slip into your inbox every Friday with my Squiffy Mail, then please do sign up here!

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