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😋 😎 😍 How I get Squiffy organised…. 😋 😎 😍

Jessica Robinson

Another week another blog! My theme this week is ***drumroll*** How I Get Organised! I’m going to show you a day in the life of me running** a business on my IGTV, and here on this blog >>> things I do to get organised in general day to day life. 

**trying to run

So, let's start at the beginning. I’m a bloody organised person. It’s 8pm on a Monday night (as I have to write these blogs in advance and I’m away tomorrow when I normally do them) and as I sit here typing, the dog has been walked, tea is done, child has been bathed and is sound asleep, both the washing machine and dishwasher are on, toys have been tidied away, the fire is roaring & Jamie is painting another coat of white emulsion for our front room transformation. I’m basically a project manager. Most meals for the week are planned and executed on a Sunday, which includes a big pot of something that can be eaten as a ‘roll over’ for two days on the trot giving me a night off to go to the gym, then a one-pot meal where everything is cooked at the same time (usually Jamie Oliver’s Hit-n-Run chicken) with minimal washing up, the slow cooker is my favourite piece of kitchen attire followed closely by my fake le Creuset pot which can make the transition from hob to oven seamlessly - think Shepard’s pie without the d**king about of pouring it in another pot. The latter being a Christmas present of my other half, the former was actually a valentine’s present off him too, come to think of it. Both I requested, he would never think of such thoughtful gifts! haha!! 

*washing machine beeps in background*

I’m not being smug about being organised, it just comes naturally. I know I want to eat healthy, so I do food prep. I know I don’t want to sit staring at plastic kids toys on a night when I’m sat here trying to work, so they all have their on space under the stairs in boxes on shelves. I have a sporty dog that needs exercise, so walk her every afternoon which not only benefits the dog, but also gets me away from behind the computer and gets my little lad out in the fresh air, mostly zooming about on his bike, which I credit to him being a fantastic sleeper. Fresh air is good for the soul and sleep!

I know the times when I have childcare and I schedule all my work into these times (and then on a night when he goes to bed for any jobs I haven’t done or can’t wait to do like new designs). To break this down even further, I have a list of Squiffy work jobs that I break down into sizeable chunks then slot into where I think they will best go into my work timetable. I have primary responsibilities I need to do on the daily:

  • Check the website orders
  • Do any artwork and send orders to print
  • Go through emails (I no longer have email push-notifications, after I turned it off at Christmas I realise it’s something that I can do without, and if someone needs me, they would call anyway)
  • Reply to any messages & enquiries 
  • Reply to comments on social media
  • Update ‘Google My Business App’ 
  • Update IG stories throughout the day as I go
  • Interact on Instagram with other accounts

Then I space my other work jobs out throughout the week, so on top of the above, I also:


  • MONDAY 8am-12.30pm:
    • Sort social media posts for the week (I just post to Instagram & toggle it to post to Facebook too) I aim to post twice a day on my grid, before 7am and after 9pm as I find this sometimes works (Instagram is a bit hit and miss sometimes!!)
  • TUESDAY 9am - 4pm
    • Have a meeting with myself (sounds weird) but i like to go through my notepad and make sure I’m staying on track for the week and add in any odd jobs if needed (like end of year books, visiting my supplier, uploading new products to the website) I also manage to accumulate new ideas and things not to forget EVERYWHERE….on the notes section of my phone, on post-it’s, scribbled on odd bits of paper. So all these need amalgamating into my weekly plan too!!! 
    • Write a new blog & schedule to go live on a Thursday
    • Do some designing and sampling  
    • Go through Facebook & Instagram adverts and turn off whats not working/design new ones
    • Any design work that needs doing for social medias (quotes/doodles etc)
  • WEDNESDAY 8am-12.30pm
    • Film & edit an IGTV for my new series for next week 
  • THURSDAY 8am-4/5pm
    • Research, gather inspo, design, get creative, read blogs
    • Do a Squiffy Mail to send out to my email list and schedule to go out on Friday at 6am
    • Mummy & Fynn day :) I’ll pop on my laptop on a night to check emails etc when he’s gone to bed. 

I can even go as far as to say I have ‘themes’ for my Instagram posts (User generated content, funny things etc) that I rotate so I’m not just posting product shots all the time as I feel it looks boring and repetitive. I also have topics for my IGTV/blog which now filters out into my theme for the week with my social media posts too. Writing doesn’t come naturally to me, so I need to keep prompting myself otherwise I get total writers block. I used to HATE putting myself out-there on socials, but I think I’ve conditioned myself not to give a s**t, so I just crack on regardless now. 

If I know I have an extra busy day (like tomorrow) I’ll set my alarm for before 6am to get a quiet hours work in with a good cup of coffee on my own to get some stuff done. Even the dog doesn’t get up at this time - ha! I’m an early bird to bed too, and am currently reading a mix of hypnobirthing and business books. Then don’t even TALK to me about bloody cleaning & housework, just go have a look at The Organised Mum. You’re welcome! 

See you next week for another blog, but in the meantime you can sign up to my email list at the bottom of this page (just one small funny email sent a week) and you can also catch up on Casual Small Biz Fridays with my IGTV series of which a new one is uploaded each Friday.  

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