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🐰🌷🍳 March? Already??!! 🍳🌷🐰

Jessica Robinson

That's right folks, January dragged its heels like I don't know what, then I managed to blink and miss February, now we have been catapulted into Fake Spring and with it the 3rd month of the year. Christmas will be upon us sooner than you realise, mark my words, maybe start soaking your fruit cakes now??

I manage do this every year: start writing my blogs much later than I should really. It takes me a while to re-set, analyse the last (business) year, and then plan new shiny things to do & design.Β I also avoid the gym in Jan (too busy for me) and I still drink wine (I don't feel guilty, and if you still do dry Jan then I'm sorry but we can't be mates anymore). I have re-jigged my logo slightly and the website will have a Spring clean over the next few weeks too.Β 

I looked back over 2018 and realised all I did was work, work and work and took hardly any holidays. The first year of motherhood was all very exciting and new, I took lots of photos and made scrapbooks and kept all the little things as momentos. In 2018 I let these lovely little habits slip and it made me feel quite sad that I have been so wrapped up in working that I missed out on family stuff (I think this maybe normal 'mum guilt'?) so I've changed things up a bit this year, I now have Fridays off too to spend time with Fynn before he starts school (which I am sure I'll blink and he will be applying for mortgages very soon). Even though I was wondering if this was the right decision to make, its turned out I've become far more productive on the days I am working. I've stopped whining that there aren't enough hours in the day and started getting up a bit earlier too. It's actually a little slice of heaven sitting sipping coffee before the world has woken up. I have also found that this chunk of early-morning-me-time this is when I can get little niggly jobs done that otherwise I would procrastinate over during the day.Β 

There are lots of things I want to accomplish in 2019, and it will be a work-in-progress type of year. I have started working towards making Squiffy Print a 'profits with purpose' business and will be working with the charity Lancashire Women who are based in Accrington (Accrington Stanley, who are they? Exactly! *say in broadest Lanky accent whilst wearing a flat cap*), but you will have to watch this space and also follow my instagram to be kept up to date with the goings-on.

With Mother's Day just around the corner, I have also added an 'animal' line to my product offering, inspired by a customer who got in touch wanting some hoodies and t-shirts with her dogs on she could wear to Crufts, I posted these on instagram, and my oh my, you guys are a nation of animal lovers for sure! I think my dog feels left out because she doesn't have her own instagram account! I'm going to have to sort that out when I have a spare hour! So yeah, Mother's Day for the dog mums too over at Squiffy Print: I have drawn a range of breeds of dogs and can personalise not only the breeds, but also colours and you can have any wording underneath too. I have even done a couple with cats on too and some horse-offerings.Β 

So yeah, March, you sneaky month! Here's some things that are going on in this magical month (apart from my birthday - Jamie if you are reading this don't forget!):

5th Shrove Tuesday - get flipping them pancakes! How to make a pancake HERE!

7th World Book DayΒ 

8th International Women's Day

15th Red Nose Day

17th St Patricks Day - An excuse to drink GuinnessΒ 

31st Mother's Day & CLOCKS GO FORWARDS

To celebrate International Women's Day, myself and some other lovely business owning females are putting on a giveaway on instagram, make sure you keep your eyes peeled on Friday 8th March and are following HERE ready to enter to win some fabulous goodies!

Jess :) x







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    LOVE reading these blogs, so down to earth & relatable!!! Love the little reminders….! Keep up the Great work Jess!! xx

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