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👀 Squiffy Print is Not Fast Fashion 👀

Jessica Robinson

I have big drawers. I’m not talking underwear, I’m talking kitchen drawers. Really handy for stuff: I have a baking drawer I claimed before we even moved into the house. They are so deep too, I can fit loads in them. I started a ‘baby’ drawer when F was born so we could have spares of stuff downstairs so we didn’t need to traipse upstairs every time he needed changing or a new set of clothes on. Baby’s come with so much stuff, I didn’t want sterilised bottles and breast pumps cluttering up the house, so it all went in the baby drawer.

Then there's the bottom drawer. Which is actually a bin. This Swedish meatball masters at Ikea have storage solutions for your storage solutions - so my other half had the idea to section one drawer off into 4 compartments: recycling at its easiest! (until you put too much paper & card in the little section then it pushes the lid up so you can’t open the drawers and have to stick your hand in the side to slide it out.) But it's handy no the less. 

I’m trying to get onto the fact we all recycle, we are all more conscious of the damage we are having on the planet we live on. Plus we only get one Earth, there is no planet B. David Attenborough brought to our attention the plastic problem we are encountering, and Stacey Dooley uncovered a shocking environmental impact caused by fast fashion. I found myself picking up a load of rubbish the other day from a lay-by up Pendle Hill where I walk my dog - a guy sat in a car watching me said out the window ‘you don’t see that very often’ as I cleared the area. I’m forever picking up after my other half and a toddler, a bit of rubbish in a lay-by isn’t a big job. It's frustrating why people just can't take it home and bin it??!

Shopping responsibly: why does there seem to be such an insatiable appetite for cheap clothing? My brand is not ASOS/Misguided/etc: Squiffy Print is not fast fashion. Let me de-bunk what all the eco-jargon means & take you on an eco-fashion discovery:

  • The t-shirts I use are made under Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP). This is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion & certificate of lawful, humane & ethical manufacturing. 


  • One make of t-shirts I use is a Stanley/Stella range. These are from an innovative Belgian textile company, located in Brussels, that develops sustainable retail-inspired garments. High quality garments at the most sustainable level. These t-shirts are 100% organic cotton, which takes me onto my next point
  • Organic is the production of something without the use of chemical fertilisers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals. Organically produced cotton helps promote and enhance biodiversity and biological cycles. Basically pesticides mess up the equilibrium of ecosystems. So no pesticides = no nasties to pollute the air or surface water or spoil the area for little guys to thrive.
  • Organically grown cotton also reduces the volume of water used in the production process (if you need to see more on this watch Stacey Dooley’s documentary: Fashion’s Dirty Secrets). Organic cotton is also said to be better for our health as there is no exposure to harmful skin irritants. 
  • All my products are printed in the UK using certified water based inks, this means no nasty chemicals are used when washing the equipment off = no extra chemicals go back into the world. 
  • All my products are printed to order. I do not have any waste stock I need to sell off for cheap/end up binning, therefore no annoying January sales, or even more annoying, Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales. It’s just not my style. 


  • I will be slowly swapping to even more eco-friendly products as the larger suppliers I use take more responsibility for the production of their products with sustainable materials. This also includes recycled t-shirts which I am REALLY excited about! Watch this space!!! :D 
  • Next up is my packaging: this is a work-in-progress atm, but hopefully soon my t-shirts will come packaged totally plastic free and also flyer-free, with all the info you need already printed on the package. Less waste!

When you buy an item of clothing, do you know not only where your money goes, but also where the item of clothing has come from or how its been made? Buying stuff for stuffs sake can leave you with a short-term high but long-term hollowness. Buy things with a narrative that tell you who made it, where and why. 

Rest assured (I nearly wrote ‘in peace’ then!) that my products are hard wearing, eco-friendly & beautiful, what more could you possibly need? If you have any comments please drop me  message or pop them below, I;d love to hear your feedback! 

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