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Jessica Robinson

There is nothing better than podcasts. I love ‘em!! Waking the dog in the sun, working on my own or pottering around the house, I love an absolute variety of the buggers too: from Mumming, to current affairs, to general funny-ness or inspiring business ones. I recommend them to people, and I get excited when I discover new ones too. There are so many different styles of podcasts on different subjects. It’s like mainstream radio, but niche-er (don’t sure thats a word). They inform, educate and entertain. If you work from home alone (a la moi) they provide a good back drop to my working day. 

You can listen to them whenever you want and they offer a level of convenience that you just don’t get with radio: you can stop them to pick up exactly where you left off, you can save episodes to listen to all at once, or dip in and out as you like. On-demand convenient listening. 

Here’s some I listen too & can recommend: 

  1. The High Low by  Dolly Alderton & Pandora Sykes. A weekly pop-culture & news pod. 
  2. Love Stories by Dolly Alderton - if you like the above podcast you will probably like this one too. Journalist Dolly talks to guests about their most defining relationships: the passion, heartbreak, longing, familiarity and fondness that have formed who they are. 
  3. Table Manners by Jessie Ware which is about food, family, and the beautiful art of having a chat, direct from her very own dinner table. 
  4. Happy Place by Fearne Cotton, she talks to incredible people about life, love, loss, and everything in-between as she reveals what happiness means to them. 
  5. Ted Talks Daily -  talks online under the slogan "ideas worth spreading”, some really really interesting ones, the ‘daily’ version are bitesize versions of the longer podcasts that can be found on TedTalks.
  6. Conversations of Inspiration by Holly Tucker. And they literally are! So much so I have be to watch her do a live recording. Holly talks to a business founder each time to hear the highs and lows whilst building their business. 
  7. Loose Lips by Luisa ZIssman & Anna Williamson. Debating their way through their lives as women from topics on life, to relationships, to parenting, to careers. Nothing is off limits!! There are strong opinions too. 
  8. One Hot Thing by Natalie Hailey. A podcast that features advanced content marketing hacks from he world’s best content creators
  9. Evil Genius with Russel Kane. He will change the way you see heroes and villains in history.
  10. Sorry Not Sorry by Gemma Cairney. She talks about finding time for ourselves without being apologetic about it.

I’d love to start my own podcast one day, theres just too many plates to juggle just right now, and I’d have to really think of what I’d talk about - whats my niche!? 

If you have any recommendations for any pods then please let me know in the comments below

Have a beautiful week!! 

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