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Jessica Robinson

Hi! Thought I'd better drop by with a quick update whilst I am updating the website and messing about here behind the scenes...

After the Father's Day rush subsided and a fab summer has been and gone, its now on with *duh duh duhhhhhh* ... Christmas prep. No joke. Its time to get organised and this cannot wait until the last minute either. Fail to prepare then prepare to fail! New products designed back in March, its time to stock up and get certain processes in order before my busiest time of the year. Fingers crossed it will be as successful as last year and that I am as ready as Gerrard Butler when he's off to fight the troops in the film 300 (only minus the 6-pack).

The little printing business I set up to earn a bit of extra cash to supplement my minimum wage job has turned into a full time job for myself and is growing day by day. Plans for March 2017 going forward include employing a funky little individual to help with the day to day running of Squiffy and to secure a sweet little premises to run this crazy ship from (I've already started writing the advert for an employee because thats HOW EXCITED I AM ABOUT IT!!). 

So, for the next few months I have lots of courses and workshops to attend before Christmas Fair Season kicks in. One of which starts next week and is called Role. This is run by a team of diverse and experienced business professionals who coach, mentor, teach and inspire female business owners. Through this course I am looking to meet and network with other female business owners to help build my confidence of running this crazy thing they call a 'business' - of which I have never done at this level before! There is ALWAYS something to learn!

I'd better get back to doing what I logged on to do - update the website - and stop procrastinating! ;o) 

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