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Halloween Rocky Road

Jessica Robinson

This is without doubt my FAVE time of year: its getting chilly outside and the nights are drawing in which means getting cosy in front of the fire indoors and outdoors I get to wear my beloved beanies and bobble hats again (bought a new one a few weeks ago from TK Maxx to add to the list). Food prep now includes wholesome warming food (pies!!) and the easiest thing in the world: SOUP! The start of X Factor signals Christmas is coming, but before then we have HALLOWEEN! 

In this weeks Squiffy Blog, I have recipe for the EASIEST Rocky Road ever. I was trying to make it look really spooky and call it Rocky Road Kill, but when I tried to draw eyeballs on the giant chocolate buttons they turned out looking like boobs, so I scrapped that idea and just went for purple glitter and green edible balls instead. ;)

rocky road ingrediants

So heres what you will need (and I buy all my ingredients from Lidl as it is cracking value for money!): 

250g Unsalted Butter

300g Rich Tea Biscuits (25p a pack, cheap as...well, rich tea biscuits!?) 

300g pack of Marshmallows

6 x (large) table spoons of Golden Syrup

400g of milk chocolate (about 33p per 100g bar)

400g dark chocolate

200g White Chocolate

Pack of Malteasers

Couple of twixs

Couple of Crunchie bars

Pack of Lidl's own little Snickers

Pack of Lidl's own little Milky Ways

Pack of Lidl's own little Mars Bars.

To be fair you can put whatever you like in the 'Road, the above is just what I think goes well, a nice mixture of chocolatey goodies!

I use a baking/oven tray which measures 30cm x 45cm and 3cm deep. So this quantity of ingredients above will make a STACK of Rocky Road. So if you don't want to make as much, halve it to make less. Obvs. 

rocky road recipe

Now this is the easy bit: line the tray with baking paper. Chop up the dark and milk chocolate bars and melt along with the butter and golden syrup. 

Whilst that is melting chop up the rest of the chocolate bars (not small, aim for 'chunks') and chop the marshmallows in half. Chop the white chocolate into chunks and smash the rich tea biscuits into bits - don't get carried away with the biccies, you don't want biscuit dust, but a nice bit of crunch so keep them chunky. You know, rocks and roads! ;) haha. 

In a BIG bowl put the marshmallows, chopped up snickers, mars, milky way, twix, crunchie and mars bars and pour over the melted chocolate mix. Add the smashed up biscuits. Don't over mix the stuff as you want it chunky not melted. Pour mixture into the prepped tin and spread out and push down gently into the corners and right up to the edge of the tin (I use my hands as I find it easier). Whack the Malteasers and white chocolate chunks on top and push into the mixture slightly. I went one step further and melted some extra white chocolate and dripped it over the top. I then spread some edible green & purple balls and some purple edible glitter over the top. Whack all this in the fridge over night to set then chop up into decent size chunks. As the meerkat says...SIMPLES! 

Now all you need is a funky Halloween party to go to and some little taste testers.....Here is Jacob, Harry and little Alica chowing down whilst wearing their fave aprons (they didn't do the making though, just the eating!) 

Squiffy Print Halloween Aprons

Squiffy Print Trick or Treat Bags and Aprons

Squiffy Print trick or treat bags

Squiffy Print and Lizzy Harry Design

Yeah, and I am actually sat here with a brew (in my Lizzie Harry mug) and a massive chunk of rocky road right now. What diet?! ;) If you make some tag me @Squiffyprint, I wanna see the goodies! Have a fab Halloween y'all, 

Love, Jess :) 

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