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Jessica Robinson

Well, it seems my summer holiday period lasted a little longer than everyone else's! It's taken me a few weeks to get back into the swing of things, and I didn't actually go on holiday until September, but here I am in all my glory ready to hit the last quarter of the year! 

I've drawn myself up plans to stick to now for socials, posts and adverts etc, and this blog was on my far so good! 😅😂 Hopefully I can stick to it. Watch this space!

Squiffy Print Dog tshirts

I have been overwhelmed with not just orders for dog/cat/hedgehog related t-shirts and hoodies, but also alllll theeeee loveeee!!! 💕💕💕 When a customer requested a doodle of her dog be put on the front of a hoodie for her to attend Crufts with earlier in the year, I honestly thought it would be a one off. I always get permission to share customer pictures, and once I shared her's, the demand for these garments has just increased. I realised there may be a market for these due to them attracting more customers organically, so I learnt how to do a facebook advert and put my animal illustrated t-shirts, hoodies & sweaters in front of the correct audience *BOOM*

Squiffy Print Dog Sweater

It's kept me out of trouble anyway! And with new products you then have to think about how to process the orders (as they are all drawn by me) and there has to be communicationation with the customer too. So it took me a few weeks to settle into a rhythm of utilising my time the sprinkled with some cracking customer service! 😎😎😎

My last date for ordering will be around the 16th of December, so with that in mind, and considering I did a few polls on my instagram stories (!!) it turns out quite a few of you guys have already started buying for Christmas (I know I have) 🙈🙈🙈 so here's a code for all you early bird shoppers which is OCTOBER10 which will knock you 10% off at checkout. 

Squiffy Print Personalised childrens t-shirts

Earn a few extra brownie points this Christmas by giving something personalised, it really does make it look like you've put a whole lotta love and thought into it. 🙌

Until next week, 


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