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📚📖📙 Small Biz Book Recommendations! 📙📚📖

Jessica Robinson

Hi, and welcome again to my Squiffy blog!! As I am trying to theme my blogs with my IGTVs and my social media posts, this blog today was going to be about my ‘Squiffy Manifesto’ (yes I totally went down a rabbit hole when the voting was approaching last year and listened to and read so many opinions and manifestos from alllllll the parties, I thought I need a manifesto too!) haha!! But a 'Squiffy' one!

BUT…. because last weeks IGTV ran over 15 minute long, I had to split it in two and make part 2 this week's episode, so for today's blog I am going to do a 'Small Business' book recommendation instead as a bit of a ‘filler’ - only I do read quite a few books so I've managed to whittle them down to 5!

So books: obvs you can buy the physical ones off amazon, I have also downloaded Audible to listen to them and also Kindle app, however I just love an actual book with pages that I can litter with post-it's & written we go yo.....

HYPE YOURSELF by Lucy Werner

Slightly obsessed with this book atm, I have read and re-read it, made notes, and learnt how to pitch my business to journalists. It’s written by Lucy, who has basically put PR into layman's terms for small biz owners. I am that impressed I have also purchased a box of cards (that someone recommended my over Instagram) which are 52 tips & ideas on PR. 

SHOW YOUR WORK by Austin Kleon

Such a little powerhouse of a book which really puts you in a positive mindset. Filled with illustrations, quotes, stories, and examples. A good boost for you creativity.


I bought this as an Audible book to listen to whilst I was running (geek) - don’t care! I love books like this that draw upon more traditional marketing methods and help spark ideas for todays small business world. 


Another Audible purchase, sometimes my book buying gets out of hand!! One of my faves, it really brings to light the importance of your story, especially if you are a small business, because people love to know (be nosey!!) about the whats and the whys of your endeavours. When I was pitching my business last year, a lady asked me what would stop a bigger company doing what I did, my answer was they could but they weren’t small like me! Sounds weird? Being a small business I can be reactive to trends quicker, I can put what I want when I want on my social media - including videos of me waffling on - there’s a face to my brand and a personality behind it. Something you just don’t get with TopShop and Zara eh?!

HOW TO STYLE YOUR BRAND by Fiona Humberstone

This was a book I inhaled whilst on holiday in 2017, so much so I read it twice in the same week! I love books that are specialist to one of the things small businesses need, and manage to break down the points to make them digestible for people who aren’t experts in that field but need to know about it to apply it to their business. This is one of those books. Fiona walks you through everything you need to know to create a brand identity and be distinctive. Something I feel is really important for a small business to stand out. 

Maybe you can take some inspiration from this blog to spark your own creativity? 

Let me know what you think in the comments below or over on my Squiffy insta here!

Also pop over to my instagram stories here as I have recently cleaned out my office (needs must, it’s been good few years like, plus I don't actually need an office anymore as I am a digital nomad!) and found a LOT of books. I am giving these away to the first person who replies with WANT! Only one book per person please, and they will be sent 2nd class to UK addresses only. 

Until next week!

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  • Hannah on

    I have to say, since I came across you on instagram and started to go through your blogs it has really gave me the motivation I need and I can really relate to everything to write! I have started to implement some of the things I read on your blog and i love your routine which made me actually to create my own instead of winging it! I think you are absolutely fabulous 💕💕 xxx

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