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Small Business Meet Up - The Potting Shed, Longridge

Jessica Robinson

So, whats been going down in Squiffy town?! Plenty of work but also an informal meet up with fellow Not on The High Street (NOTHS) sellers too. As well as offering my product range through my own website here, I also sell via NOTHS which is an online platform for small creative businesses. A massive benefit to being part of NOTHS are the people I have met and continue to meet that are in the same boat as me and are generally juggling work, children, life and the rest.

So when fellow NOTHS seller Lucy from Intwine Designs mentioned an informal meet up for breakfast at The Potting Shed, myself and a few others jumped at the chance.  The Potting Shed is situated a few minutes drive out of Longridge and is a quirky little cafe above a boutique garden centre with a fabulous looking menu. As I ascended the stairs up to the cafe, the cackles and noise level rose and I knew I was in the right place. Its always good to have a chat and sound-off with people who are in a similar boat to myself: running a business with a child in tow is a juggle and bloody hard work. Its also nice to meet other sellers face-to-face instead of just chatting virtually over facey-b and the forum. 

As the tea and coffee flowed (an alcohol free meet up!) the breakfast was served on stands that consisted of bacon & sausage butties, croissants, fruit, frittatas, muffins, granola and smoothie shots. 

The Potting Shed 

(L) Clare from Bespoke & Oak Co preparing for the breakfast feast. 

(R) Bells from Bells Scambler, Jacqui from Print for Love and Victoria from Little Letter discussing current political affairs. Jokes. 


(L) Not the best photo! But here is the blur from Helen from Betsy & Els and Lucy from Lucy Elisabeth Wirework chatting websites maybe?! 

(R) Fynn wondering why he can't have a bacon butty. 

Other people present were also Jo from Pins and Needles and Ria from Parsy Card Co. Jo is *famous* for recently winning the actual Joules caravan! So if you see someone driving down the motorway with a floral tourer - give her a wave and a toot! haha!!

A lovely couple of hours spent eating lovely food and chatting! Thanks girls! 

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