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👏😍🎄 Some Fabulous Small Online Businesses 🎄😍👏

Jessica Robinson

Hi guys!!

As we are in the run up to THE best time of year, I thought I'd share some of my fave small businesses 🎄🎄🎄 These are guys I have either met through selling on, or Etsy or even just the 'gram!....and might inspire some Christmas shopping from you guys too....

1) Holly's Lollies 

Fabulous boozy confectionary including these FAB candy canes, you may also recognise Holly from't telly last year, when she appeared on Kirsty's Handmade Christmas making her fab lollies! This year she's added RASPBERRY PROSECCO candy canes to her product offering. Genius Holly!!! *licks lips* 

2) Betsy & Els

Helen at Betsy & Els lives by the seaside in Lytham and designs/laser cuts/engraves fabulous products such as these beautiful flowers....

3) Bespoke & Oak

Fabulously personalised wooden gifts, such as these fab Christmas Eve boxes, I have one and started my Christmas eve tradition filling it with goodies for santa and his reindeer, a new set of Christmas PJ's and chocolate treats...

4) Little Letter

What better than to send your children magical small letters from Santa to evoke the Christmas spirit....  so cute!!

5) Koko Blossom

Laura produces quality and classy personalised products, airpods for your 'tween? She's got you sorted! 

6) Becky Broome

I'm not even joking, if you are wanting a PERFECT gift for a Mum, look no further than a personalised wine glass....there are lots & lots of ideal gifts for all the fam on Becky's website.

7) Eleanor Bowmer 

She's a northerner, she's colourful, she does good insta-story lip syncing, and if you want one of her aprons I'd suggest you go order one now as they will DEFFO sell out...

8) Eka Wear

A woman after my own heart: she LOVES the snow! And Gilly who owns Eka hand crochets all the products you can buy. I am still wearing my slippers I bought 3 years ago! 

9) Florence and Grace

Kathryn hand makes all the signs in her She-shed in the garden (she was even in a book on sheds - go and ask her!!) She personalises and paints them to match your home, so they will fit in perfectly. Also she's another fellow northerner!

10) Pins and Needles 

So, this fabulous small business is run by Jo....who's claim to fame is that she WON a caravan. And not just any caravan, the JOULES CARAVAN! But I digress, she also produces fabulous pieces of artwork: she can embroider hand writing! So beautiful if you have an old letter or recipe! 

Pins and Needles creative sewing designs

Hope that's given you some 'spo for gifts! These small businesses are all run by actual people who love you buying their products for gifts or yourself. These guys are just a small selection of the gems you can find if you look beyond the big conglomerates, shop a bit smaller this year & buy quality products from the smaller businesses. Word!! 

Until next week, 

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