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💪 Squiffy Print x Lancashire Women 💪

Jessica Robinson


"Giving" is not just about making a donation, it's about making difference. 

Three years ago I missed out on a charity coast to coast bike ride because I was pregnant & round. Plus the closest thing I’d been near that had resembled a bike, were the stationary spin ones in the gym. So it was totally out of the question to even entertain the idea of joining in, but I still wanted to be involved in helping raise money. I needed to get a bit creative, and went to the opposite end of the spectrum of being fit and doing something strenuous for charity: I’d do a bit of Rocky Road making instead!!  

I batch made it and bagged up 4 chunks to make one ‘portion' and took orders over facebook. In just two weeks I’d raised about £250 in profit to donate to Macmillan. Sweet! (literally). 

So my point to the story is: you can have profits with purpose. Profits that go to a charity that are helping other people. Maybe one day you might be that other person that needs the help of that charitable cause that the money was raised for. 

At the beginning of the year I decided i wanted to find a charity that lined up with my own ethics & values and do the same ‘model’ I had done with the Rocky Road & raise money for them as a by-product of selling t-shirts.

Out of the blue, coincidentally came Lancashire Women. A charity on my doorstep! A fabulous charity that are working towards a Lancashire where all women and girls are valued and treated as equals, and are empowered to be able to transform their lives.

We had a few meetings and threw some ideas about, and the result was the following design:

Its made up of lots of  smaller doodles of women’s faces to make up the main design. There are 3 different varieties of design to choose from in both adults and children’s sizes. 

The services provided by Lancashire Women range from mental health and well being support all the way through to money advice and employment support. Last year they helped over 6,000 women. Thats a lot!! To help them to continue to help others, I have curated a collection of fundraiser t-shirts for adults & children. £5 from each sale will be donated to the charity. That works out as just over 15% from the adults t-shirts and a WHOPPING 20% from the children version.

The money we help to raise from the sales of these charity t-shirts will help to ensure Lancashire Women can continue to to offer their services free to the women that need them. By buying one of these t-shirts you are making a huge difference to women and girls across Lancashire, helping them become stronger and thrive.

You can find the whole collection here.

You can find the sizing guide here.

If you have any questions you can email or DM the Squiffy Facebook or Instagram account. 

Jess :) x

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