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#SquiffyMum : Inspirational Books & Podcasts for Creatives

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I am a geeking over books and podcasts atm. When I can be bothered to keep my eyes open I'll read something, but otherwise I'm basically plugged into the podcast world. 

I am constantly surfing Insta, and last year I came across a pod cast called The High Low  which was shared by my mothers brothers lovers dog (I was so balls-deep in insta) which is hosted by Pandora Sykes & Dolly Alderton. Its a weekly pop-culture and news poddy, and these girls are so bloody funky whilst talking about current affairs so eloquently. I love listening to this podcast whilst I am packing my orders and just soaking up all they have to say. 

A podcast I shamelessly binge-listened to is the Blogtacular podcast by Kaaaaat Molessssssssworthhhh (you need to listen to it to understand what I just did there) which is about 'creativity, the internet & everything'. There are some really good listens, one of which is where Kat chats to Rosie Wolfenden and Harriet Vine who are the founders of Tatty Devine. I love listening to how my fave companies started and how they have grown into something fantastic. 

A friend of mine told me about a lovely instagram account called @me_and_orla which is compiled by a creative individual called Sara Tasker. Through her insta account I discovered her podcast Hashtag Authentic, here she gives fab ideas and creative tips on beefing up your insta and really great and inspiring interviews with other creatives. 

In one of her podcasts, she talks to Sarah Jayne Williams on how to write 'spell binding' Instagram captions. Sarah is the author of Ice Cream for Breakfast, a fab book I digested over one weekend in which she looks at how being 'more child' can help solve your adult problems. Through taking up a job as a nanny (after realising she had worked herself into the ground as an author), the kids she looked after taught her more than she could ever teach them. Its a great read and I recommend!

Brand Famous by Linzi Boyd is another great book I have read which is about how to get everyone talking about your business. It will inject you with ideas for taking your brand forwards, Linzi writes with knowledge and passion, a cracking read to boost your business mojo. 

And my last recco is......**DRUM ROLL** The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k by Sarah Knight (lots of Sarah/Sara's on here today!) Even though I only just dived into this book a few days ago and I'm not finished, I am already hooked by this lady who has taken inspo from Marie Kondo's method of tidying and has  applied this tidying method, basically, to your brain! I am a mum who runs a business so my time is off the essence as is my energy: I am hoping this book will inspire me to use my f**ks wisely! 


Anyone got any good recommendations for books or podcasts that they think I may like? I'm always on the look out.... 

Jess :) x



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