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#SquiffyMum : The Life of a Business Owner & Mama

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Now that the whirlwind of christmas is over as well as the first quarter (which is Q1 in biz-mama language) of the bloody year is too, I finally feel like I am managing to get my ducks in a row. Only mine are probably more like squirrels at Warehouse Project. Hence why it’s taken me until March to get organised and start on the blogging again, maybe call this 'Season 2'?!


Jess cutting vinyl

(This is me - only not as glam)


I managed to get away for a few days skiing to Chamonix in Jan. I shoehorned myself into my Mother’s salopettes (I’m still carrying a fair bit of baby weight since having Fynn a year ago *sob*) which made the chair lifts uncomfortable having this bulging muffin top, so after a few red runs I called it a day (actually, so did one of my toe-nails which fell off the week after). The lads stayed out skiing for a few extra days so it was up to me to captain myself, baby, my mum + all our baggage/pram/baby paraphernalia back home via Geneva then Liverpool airport. Easy! :/  



All was fine*. The sweaty mini-bus transfer from Chamonix to Geneva was too twitsy for my travel sick stomach which resulted in deep breathing and straining my neck to see out of the window for nearly two hours. Once Geneva airport was navigated and the f-ing extra baggage weight paid for (yes, I haggled and manage to get it down), my child and The Mother slept on the aeroplane for most of the journey. Peace at last….....that was until coming into land the pilot had to have two attempts and quickly accelerated back up into the sky as the runway was coming into sight the first time. I just love it when they do that (not). I frantically searched for a sick bag and held it tight to reassure my weak and feeble stomach that there was no need to panic. Once off the plane, bags were waiting (thank you God) and we started on the 4th (?) leg of our journey. I think getting lost on the way home from the airport about 3 times was probably the pinnacle for me, especially when The Mother said she knew the way back but didn’t know how to use Maps on her phone. We took the lovely scenic route down the M whatever adding an extra 50 minutes onto the final leg of our already testing journey home. Then about 30 seconds from home Fynn woke up and projectiled vommed. I’m taking this as travel sickness/too much milk rather than a dislike to my driving. Needless to say by this point I was overly-tired** and just gave him a squaddy wash with baby wipes and put him straight down in his cot. So yeah, not really the most restful of holidays.

*not fine

**f-ing exhausted


Anyway, I digress. Being a one-woman band can be lonely and frustrating at times. On the run up to Christmas I found myself caught in a guilt-mill of emotions: wanting to have the best first christmas with my baby, but also I wasn’t enjoying getting my orders out like I normally did. I had fallen out of love with my business and its product offering and I basically needed kick starting again. I’d previously met a lovely lady called Hayley at a ‘Women Aiming Higher’ event. Hayley runs her own business called Selling Made Easier, and in the time I’d spent with her on our workshops her energy and enthusiasm really spoke volumes. I emailed her saying I was stuck in a rut and she suggested I went and saw her.

She acted as a sounding board for my ideas (being a work-from-home Mum you can go a bit insane going over the same things/products/ideas over and over again on your own wondering if what you are doing is ok or actually shit) whilst also acting as a catalyst for my motivation.

Seeing Hayley is actually quite addictive, I email her my sales report once a week then schedule to meet up with her once a month. It’s also brought about a new strategic twist to what I’m doing - I know where I am now and where I want to be in the future.


Trying to pack Squiffy Print orders with a toddler


Now it’s time to get there whilst juggling life with a child on the hip!

Jess :) x

P.s. You can sign up to my monthly ‘Squiffy Post’ which is a round up of what’s been going on, some funny stories, doodles and maybe a few discount codes & sneaks on new products at the bottom of this page.



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