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#SquiffyPrint : How to Contour for Halloween (or paint a Sugar Skull)

Jessica Robinson


Yes it is, the month where leaves turn beautiful colours, theres sun but also a crisp chilliness in the air and people up and down the country rejoice in the fact they have lit their log burners again (even if it was a little early and they are sat sweating in front of it.)ย 

I painted my face for an instagram post and I've had a few message so thought it may be easier to whack all this in one bloggy and share. I took pictures as I did it too to show the process (my phone was hooked up to my camera) as I was going to do a 'stop motion' video but I was on my own with a napping child and wanted to get it done/my face washed before he woke up, so just a few static pics to show! This is probs the easiest face paint/non face paint everrrrrrr:

Items to gather before you start:

1) Face paint! From The Range. I only used the colours black and white. Probs available from your local fancy dress shop/supermarket too.

2) A foundation brush & sponge

3) Some Sugar Skull face stickers (The Range or Ebay)ย 

4) Some dark/black/sparkly eyeshadowย 

5) Some baby wipes/kitchen roll (for moping up mess!!)

6) A hair dryer (!)ย 

Layer up the white!ย On a clean, dry face, possibly with some foundation primer on (I didn't do this but think it would have been a top tip). Instead of waiting for it to dry use a hair dryer. I did about 4 layers. Started off with a sponge, then progressed to a foundation brush. If you apply a layer before the last one is dry, it will disturb the layer underneath. Be patient and let it dry or dry with a hair dryer (on the cool setting).ย ย 

(Whilst you are waiting for it to dry, you can decorate your house with halloween decorations!) Once all dry, use your eye shadow to darken round the eyes in circles and use the edge of the foundation brush (or a sponge eyeshadow thingy) to make the outer circle of the black eyes even blacker.ย 

I drew a black line on my top lip and some lines to make it look teeth-like and skull-ish. Then start sticking the stickers on the face! I think the more the merrier, and the glittery-er the better too. Halloween can be sparkly too, y'know.ย ๐Ÿ‘ป๐Ÿ˜ธ๐ŸŽƒ

I then sorted my hair out and put on a little glittery witchy hat I got from Raffia in Clitheroe.ย 

Sorted! Have a fab Halloween!!ย 

Jess :) x

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