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The blog post that will get me out of my writers block!!

Debbie Slater


Not entirely sure where the last 4 months have gone since I last blogged, but it’s been a blur to say the least! I’ve learnt how to make a decent loaf of bread (I’ve even perfected a fair decent slab of focaccia even if I do say so myself. Jamie would also say this too actually), taught myself how to crochet (yep, I’ve made loads of wooly hats for the winter) and realised I don’t have the patience for a sour dough starter. I also bought myself an iPad and realised its easier to read books on the Kindle app when breast-feeding than a normal book. And for ‘research’ purposes (obvs for PR in the run up to Christmas) I also downloaded the Readly app so I can look at old issues of Christmas editions and how they are styled and put together. Only I’m a magazine fiend, so having practically unlimited magazines at my finger-tips is just heaven, plus there’s all sorts from Horse & Hound to recipe mags, it’s a total feast for my eyes. I’ve spotted some mountain biking mags on there too, but let’s not tell Jamie… ;) 

I am just in the middle of giving the Squiffy Print website a late spring clean and giving my branding colours a refresh too, I feel as a small business owner you are constantly learning and honing your skills and adding tweaks to website & socials media platforms from images to the copy. I have joined a Christmas PR club and done a few courses online too recently, one of which was The Wern’s Instagram course. It’s good to get stuck into a good business type book or course to help boost motivation and creativity. Lifelong learning and all that jazz, plus working on your own you have to tap into the correct resources that drive you as an individual to keep going.

Over the next few weeks we are going to be adding new products to the website and making conscious decisions (not only business type things such as increasing my bottom line) but improving how streamlined & eco-friendly the process are. Where the clothes come from that I print on, how are those people being treated and paid that make those garments and I am going to be very transparent in my blogging and communications.

This first blog back wasn’t as bad as what I thought, hopefully I’ll be able to start knocking one of these out every week now! Have a fabulous weekend and see you back here next week! Also if you could be so kind to leave me a comment below with anything you may like to read about from me in the future, it will give me some inspo hopefully and less writers block!

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