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😘👌🌏 The Squiffy Manifesto 😘👌🌏

Jessica Robinson

Hi guys! Thursday again and a fresh blog for you to dig into! I started the new year with a specific set of business goals that I want to accomplish, so we will call it my Squiffy Manifesto!

Purpose is an incredibly powerful thing, but what does my Squiffy Print brand stand for beyond my products? 

This week is all about new Squiffy stuff: I am slowly changing over my products to a more eco-friendly bunch of t-shirts, hoodies and sweaters. My approach to Squiffy this year is to become a responsible business and take stock for what I do and how it effects the planet & environment. 

I no longer vinyl print (it was a tedious process anyway) but instead I have found a method that literally has NO WASTE. All my garments designs are now printed directly INTO the fabric, so no waste ‘cut offs’ from heat press materials either that would go to land fill. And there was a lot! I donated my last lot of off-cuts of heat press vinyl to a local college for materials they could make things with. All my stuff is also printed with water based inks, meaning no nasty chemical are needed to wash off the equipment. This printing process also means I can go wild with colour at no extra cost to the environment.

I have no stock! Everything is printed to order, hence the slightly longer lead times than Amazon: where you order something today and it gets delivered yesterday, haha!! Just like the 90’s ketchup advert: good things take time!! We are in such a ‘more, more, more’ and ‘now, now, now’ culture, it’s draining! No stock also means I never have to do any sales to flog my stuff for cheaper, plus I would feel guilty if someone has paid full price for a lovely personalised t-shirt just for it to be reduced by 50% 2 weeks after Christmas. It’s not good karma. 

I can tell you where and who made my products (this is a whole other blog though!!)…..can you say that about Primark, Zara or Next? Do you know how much someone is getting paid per hour to make the clothes you wear? All Squiffy products are designed in-house by me, Jess, then locally printed by hand and individually embroidered to order. The finished Squiffy products are then hand packed in Lancashire and sent on their way with Royal Mail.

There are improvements I can make however: I am STILL trying to figure out this whole package thing! I have scrapped any inserts and wrapping in tissue, its all just fluff and I think it detracts from the simply wonderful products I produce. I am striving to make my products packaged naked and with no plastic. So far this is a work-in-progress task! If anyone has any suggestions as to who could help me print thick recyclable paper envelopes that would be grand! I have funny feeling I need to get back into the studio and get hand screen printing them myself! 

I want my Squiffy brand to be a marriage of style and sustainability with premium quality and contemporary clothing. High quality garments, not cheap fast fashion. Products that will last wash after wash and keep coming back wearable. What's that saying…if you buy cheap you buy twice? (or something like that!!). This year I am going to disrupt the market: can I be this funky, personalised & eco-friendly brand all at the same time?! Plus I don’t want to be ‘on trend’ either - I want to produce timeless, stylish designs that can be worn year after year on simple garments designed to have fun in, not just for the ‘gram. ;) 

On that note, I need to go and walk the dog…in my Squiffy hoodie ;) ‘Till next week….

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