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Winging It.

Jessica Robinson

Ok, so its time to admit it: in the past 3 years of running a business I've just been winging it! The thought of re-branding did creep into my head about a year ago. Well, not even 're-branding' more ACTUAL branding! Yeah, yeah, I've had a logo the whole time, but I was in need of something more, like who am I and what do I sell and who do I sell to? Nah, me either.
So a whole year has slipped by since that initial branding thought, and with a holiday coming up I decided to seek out a copy of a book called How to Style your Brand by Fiona Humberstone to take with me. The first holiday I've been on that I didn't take 3 books with (6 month old child, you see), but I not only (managed) to read the book, I then post-noted pages, thumbed back through chapters and re-read it. I finally had some clarity in my mind what I needed to do: my non-existent brand needed actually inventing. And this is what I am *currently* doing. Every night I spend a few hours researching, pulling colours together and designing website elements that will weave my whole brand image together and hopefully connect all the dots. I am already falling in love with my business all over again! 
Its hard work getting these ideas from head to paper but I am determined to make 2017 my year. Part of this process is going to be blogging and getting my work OUT THERE! Getting seen, creating a good marketing plan and sticking to it too. So if I blog ^it^ it makes me accountable. This can be my journal now of my journey (try saying that quick) of the whole branding process. I have gathered some good info and inspo and put them onto boards on my Pinterest which you can check out here and had a re-look at my style and colours on Instagram you can follow here
I'll also whack any links here to anything I find useful, such as Opal & Co's Christmas PR Club which I was a part of last year. Great leads and opportunities which have led to me having bragging rights to the fact Jennifer Hudson has a Squiffy Print Personalised Wash Bag printed with 'J.Hud' in sparkly gold. Oh yeah, theres also some band called Little Mix that have them too... ;) 
Another change I've made this year is I have enlisted the help of SB Bookkeeping Services who, if you are local to me in Clitheroe, you could probably use too! This has taken a huge weight off my back and given me more time to work 'on' my business rather than 'in' it. 
So, off i must go to tweak some more little designs and ideas I have for the website, I have so much to learn. If you are my friends reading this: I'm going to attempt to kick start my social life soon (ish), or if you happen to be my long suffering boyfriend: please go and turn your computer on, I have work for you to do! (love you) xxx
p.s. Here's a little sneaky at the new colours......

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