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About Jess & other stories....

Bonjour & welcome to my little Squiffy corner of the interweb! I'm Jess, a 30-something mum, horse rider, dog walker & proud Lancastrian (no whippet or flat cap here) and I am the creator & owner of Squiffy Print. The aim of running Squiffy Print is to flexibly earn money whilst raising a family and giving something back at the same time. Phew, that's a lot man! 

(Image by fellow small business owner James Harling @ Reflection Photography)

My Squiffy endeavours started over 5 years ago as a side hustle to make a few extra benjamins. Mucking out horses doesn't pay very well, even if it did keep me super fit (since giving up manual work I've had to join a gym, much to my dismay.) The once small side-hustle has since grown and is now my full time project. It has, however, allowed me to be flexible and bring up a small human over the last two years, so for that I am eternally grateful (even if a little rounder).

The Squiffy CV:

My daily duties include, but are not limited to: head chef, nose wiper, social media guru, website builder, content creator, Head Nag, meal planner, dog walker, designer, general Gopher & entrepreneur (that's french for 'has ideas & does them'). 

I'm changing the world, one t-shirt at a time. 

The garments I use are all responsibly made and found from ethical sources. They are chosen for their fantastic quality and super soft feel and washability (is that even a word?). Disposable fashion for me is a no-no, I have strived to find a decent made garment that will last and stand the test of time. All printing is direct to garment (unless otherwise stated in the product description) and this itself produces fantastic long lasting printing results where the colours really pop off the material. You can find out more about the printing process HERE

Never underestimate the power of a t-shirt.

There is so much more to a Squiffy product than meets the eye. If you would like to be kept up to date on all things Squiffy, you can follow me on insta here and via the hashtags #squiffymum and #squiffyprint.  

I love to hear from people, be it feedback on my products, charities interested in getting involved or if you are interested in doing a collaboration, please drop me an email on